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Craft messaging is everywhere, and water is very much a part of the mocktail moment. From full service to fast casual, from the resort patio to the luxury lobby’s beverage island — Natura® water dispensing systems provide low-cost deliciousness, high-end presentation value, and a powerfully pure main ingredient for your now endless beverage recipe options.

It started in the streets of Spain. Sold principally by street vendors, but found also in bodegas, restaurants and juice bars — aguas frescas, which is Spanish for "cool waters" — are a combination of fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds blended with sugar and water. Natura was there. And as the concept has grown, so has our global footprint.

Now, with Natura, you too can make light non-alcoholic beverages. Choose common flavors such as fruits plus tamarind, hibiscus, and agua de horchata. Partner with flavor syrup purveyors to create your own custom recipe book. Or work with us! We’ve been there before and can help you start the program.

Download sample recipes here!

Duty-bound to help guests unwind, but they don’t want the alcohol? Natura sparkling water adds a dose of sophisticated fun to housemade drinks. Precision blends of fruits, juices, and Natura come together in endless combinations, all without the calories or dehydrating effects of alcohol. Vodka and white rum are especially easy to sub out for Natura sparkling water. Natura and cranberry, anyone? How about a “nojito”? For those who imbibe, Natura adds fizz to the hard stuff, too

Sparkling water consumption has risen by 42 percent in recent years, as more people look for alternatives to soda pop. Honor the trend when you blend your own concoctions with Natura. You control the quality, flavors, ingredients, and sugar content. Make it as healthy or indulgent as guests want! Create customer loyalty and improve margins over soda, too.

Nothing gives tea an extra zip like the addition of Natura sparkling water. Give the house brew instant bubbles! Make signature drinks by mixing in fruit juice or guests’ favorite spirits. There’s no better way to set a relaxed tone on those summer days when the patio is open.

A cleanse doesn’t have to be torture for your clients. It gets an elite upgrade when you give your detox drink offering some added fizz. Create a line you’ll be proud of by including Natura sparkling water in your recipes.