Service industry environments are known for their fast pace, where preparation is a key factor in smooth operation. Anything that saves time can add up to big money savings, too. A Natura® Water system makes prep go faster and saves time during peak hours, making our smart water system a win-win for productivity.

Pre-filling carafes for the table goes faster with Natura’s high-volume taps, at three times the flow rate of a bar gun. This also makes for quick work when staff need to refill water glasses or pitchers during their shifts. Plus, bartenders can focus on high-margin cocktails because they’re no longer being bothered to handle water refills.

Spas, resorts, and even some restaurants will let customers and clients use the water system to handle refills themselves, completely eliminating the need for staff to take time away from moneymaking endeavors to do it.

Boosts Productivity in Non-Foodservice Environments, Too
Foodservice establishments and businesses that utilize water as an amenity can increase productivity and reap measurable savings with a Natura Water System. But water can do more to impact a company's bottom line. Corporations interested in employee wellness and satisfaction/retention rates can install a Natura water dispensing system and experience the benefits of increased productivity as well.

It has long been suggested that there is a link between dehydration and decreased cognition. According to a study by Weill Cornell Medical College’s Brain and Mind Research Institute, even mild dehydration of less than 5 percent can cause employees to fall into the dreaded afternoon slump. This water loss can suppress blood flow to the brain, which reduces cognitive performance, reaction time, and attention.

Combat dehydration by installing a water dispenser for your office that offers employees delicious, fresh, and clean water on demand, all throughout the day. The abundance of healthy, great-tasting water will keep your workers’ minds on their work and their bodies ready to tackle every task.

Builds Workplace Culture, Engages Employees
Studies show that employees can actually benefit from “office water cooler” chat. Everyone needs time to decompress during the workday, and when your employees take a break to gather around an office water dispenser, it allows them to engage with one another, boosting morale and productivity.

These gatherings also often improve workplace culture by providing casual face time with supervisors, and allowing for the opportunity to collaborate with workers from other departments. These water breaks give employees ample opportunity to discover shared interests and hobbies, which can improve camaraderie and inclusiveness within your organization.